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Bank of China created its own IP image ‘Bobo’ for parent-child consumers and planned to develop a series of peripheral products based on this IP through a rewards system for point redemption and consumer interaction. The market feedback had been that the Bobo image wasn’t cute or appealing enough to either parents or children, so Bank of China wanted to reimagine Bobo and improve on this image to upgrade the IP and attract more children and families to engage with it.

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Brand-Owned IP

Bank Of China


By conducting a deep dive into Bank of China’s target audience’s preferences and combining the demand of client and IP positioning, Zinc designed a more affectionate and cute laughing otter image for Bobo and extended this into creating a suite of visual assets of Bobo in different scenarios. Based on the new look, Zinc developed a series of stationary items for their target market of student groups and developed 3D versions of Bobo exploring diverse and new visual styles. We then created 6 new blind box figures with Bobo in a range of outfits which were inspired by the look and story of Chinese ancient mythical creatures with imagery that passed on best wishes to customers.



Retention time & stickiness of users in the Bank of China App


through Official Mobile App & CRM

Bank Of China brand owned merch
Bank Of China brand owned merch
Bank Of China brand owned merch

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